19/02/2014 – 14th National Health and Medicine Woman SAMEM 2014

Inaugural roundtable on Wednesday February 19 will be held at 9.00 am

“Are we seeing a new syndrome? Digestive and neurological manifestations Deficit DAO (diamine oxidase)” event to be held at the College of Physicians of Madrid and will be delivered by Dr. Ramon Tormo Carnicé Specialist and Head of Gastroenterology Gastroenterology and Nutrition Unit of Hospital Chiron Barcelona, ​​and Dr. Joan Izquierdo Casas, Neurologist and Head of the Headache Unit of the Hospital General de Catalunya. The session will be moderated by Dr. Sagrario Mateu Sanchis, chief health of women and children. Office for the Promotion of Health and Epidemiology, Ministry of Health.