Talk INFARMA: dietary approach of the DAO Deficiency (Dr. Ismael San Mauro and Gda. Adriana Duelo)

Published  30 mar. 2018 – INFARMA 2018 – Adriana Duelo  Language: Spanish.


Here we share the talk that Adriana Duelo, nutritionist and dietician, and the Dr. Ismael San Mauro gave on 14 March in the International Pharma Congress INFARMA 2018 (Madrid), in which addressed the dietary treatment of the histaminosis caused by DAO deficiency. They talked about the importance of properly treat the excess of histamine, both exogenous (from food) as the endogenous (from body).

DAO deficiency plays a fundamental role in this accumulation, but there are also other factors that facilitate the increase of histamine as stress, the growth of some microorganisms and the consumption of certain drugs, among others.

Speakers: Gda. Adriana Duelo (AD director Dieticians – Barcelona) Dr. Ismael San Mauro (Cinusa Clinic Director – Madrid)