Safety and business continuity protocol of DR Healthcare – covid-19

Given the difficult scenario that we are facing caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in general and after the State of Alarm decreed by the Spanish government in particular, DR Healthcare has implemented a  safety and business continuity protocol that guarantees the provision of our services, the supply of the active ingredient, and, safeguard the health of all our collaborators and customers.

In this sense, we want to indicate that:

• The staff in the areas of administration, customer service and patient care operate in telework mode to meet themobility and contact requirements, guaranteeing the maintenance of their normal operation and service.

• Laboratory and R&D personnel who cannot carry out their activity remotely, following the security protocol, have established rotating work shifts to avoid human contact.

• The staff of the enzyme production plant has also implemented an intensive schedule protocol with rotating shifts that prevents human contact andensures non-interruption of the DAO enzyme production process.

Likewise, our suppliers and logistics network have adapted their processes to the current situation, ensuringthe  safety and continuity of the supply chain of both the active ingredient and finished products up to the final customer, whether national or international.

We thus contribute to the containment of the disease and comply with the measures required by the competent authorities, guaranteeing our best service.

The DR Healthcare team is at your disposal for any additional information you may require.


CEO DR Healthcare