Pathologies associated to DAO deficiency

Pathologies associated to DAO deficiency

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Safety and business continuity protocol of DR Healthcare – covid-19

Given the difficult scenario that we are facing caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in general and after the State of Alarm decreed by the Spanish government in particular, DR Healthcare has implemented a  safety and business continuity protocol that guarantees the provision of our services, the supply of the active ingredient, and, safeguard the health of all...

Scientific and clinical evidence

Impaired resolution of wheals in the skin prick test and low diamine oxidase blood level in allergic patients

Download pdfDownload Aneta Wagner1, Krzysztof Buczyłko2, Hanna Zielińska-Bliźniewska1, Waldemar Wagner3 1Allergology and Respiratory Rehabilitation Department, Medical University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland 2NZOZ Allergology Center, Lodz, Poland 3Laboratory of Cellular Immunology, Institute of Medical Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Lodz, Poland Adv Dermatol Allergol...


Actividad de DiaminoOxidasa (DAO) sérica en pacientes migrañosos

Estudio realizado en la Unidad de Cefalea del Hospital General de Cataluña con un total de 198 voluntarios, divididos en dos grupos: Un de 137 pacientes diagnosticados de migraña por la Unidad de Cefalea del Hospital de acuerdo con los criterios actuales de la IHS y un grupo control integrado por 61 voluntarios sin diagnóstico de migraña. Las muestras de sangre...

Activities and events

Conference “Migraine and other functional symptoms of DAO deficiency” in INFARMA 2015 on Wednesday 25 March.

Realized by Dr. Ramón Tormo Carnicé, especialist in Gastroenterology and Chief of the Gastroenterology and Nutrition Unit of the Hospital Quirón of Barcelona, and by Adriana Duelo, Dietist-Nutricionist, especialist in DAO deficiency.
DR Healthcare makes available to Pharmacies, Companies and Public and Private Institutions its Reusable Face MaskUNE-0065/2020, AFNOR and DGA