veterinary, animal health and food industry

Diamine Oxidase (DAO) for animal use

diamino oxidasa para el sector veterinario

veterinary and animal health sectors

Veterinary solutions based on diamine oxidase to prevent the histaminosis in domestic animals, livestock and aquaculture. Their health is that of all being vital to avoid the pathophysiological effects that trigger high levels of histamine.

diamino oxidasa para industria alimentaria

food industry sector

FAO and WHO and countries around the world have implemented regulations that include the analysis of those foods that may contain high levels of histamine and measures to prevent their production through a correct preservation, processing and distribution.


DR Healthcare stands out for being a leader in production of Diamine Oxidase,

what allows us to offer tailored solutions for use in the veterinary, animal health and food sectors.

Our solutions based on Diamine Oxidase are adapted to new laws and standards in food control, which stipulate the control of the levels of histamine in order to avoid the risk of intoxication due to the consumption of high amounts of this biogenic amine present in food.


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