Diamino oxidase for human use

DR Healthcare specializes in the identification, animal and plant extraction as well as the development of biomolecules of high biological and dietary management value. DR Healthcare is a world reference in the research, production and sale of the Diamino Oxidase API (DAO) to supply the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector.

DAO for use in humans

We are a vertical integration company, with a solid supply and production chain of nutraceutical active ingredients of animal and vegetable origin, which comply with the regulatory framework in terms of manufacturing and activity specifications as well as quality standards.

For more information contact us at info@dr-healthcare.com or by calling +34 935 533 692 to ask about our products and services in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors.

Partnership Proposal

DR Healthcare seeks to establish strategic alliances with relevant partners with the aim of facilitating access to our dietary management and diagnostic solutions for the DAO Deficiency patient population.

In this way, DR Healthcare and its partners join forces to continue generating innovation and thus contribute to improving the quality of life of people suffering from this metabolic syndrome.