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AB Biotek Acquires Spanish Biomedical DR Healthcare

Respective leaders in fermentation science and DAO-based medical nutrition join together to focus on innovative enzyme-based solutions for the human nutrition & health market.

PETERBOROUGH, United Kingdom, May 26, 2021

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DR Healthcare

We are a Biomedical Company specialized in Medical Nutrition.

Founded in 2007 in Barcelona, ​​we manufacture, research, develop, innovate, market and carry out licensing -out of new nutraceutical products, functional foods, active ingredients and customized solutions.

Our great value is research and we firmly believe in the “Enterprise-University” alliance, developing our activities in two R&D centers.

DR Healthcare is a business unit de AB Biotek. For more information access to www.abbiotek.com


Manufacturing for third parties

DR Healthcare manufactures and markets the active substance (Diamine Oxidase – DAO enzyme) for third parties, both for human and animal use.

We make available to pharmaceutical and food companies that are looking for a reliable supplier, the highest levels of quality, regulatory support and production of Diamine Oxidase, manufactured in our enzyme production plant located in Tarragona (Spain).

The production of this ADI (Active Dietary Ingredient) is vertically integrated so it is able to control the intermediates of its manufacturing.

Customized solutions

DR Healthcare stands out as a leading company in the production of Diamino Oxidasa, which allows us to offer tailored solutions for use in the veterinary, animal health and food sectors.

Our solutions based on Diamino Oxidase are adapted to the new food control standards, which stipulate the control of histamine levels in order to avoid risks of poisoning due to the consumption of large amounts of this biogenic amine present in food.



Press releases and media’s news

Migraine, itching, stomach pain… This is how DAO deficiency affects you – SABER VIVIR tve

On October 23rd the magazine SABER VIVIR tve published an article about the DAO deficiency, its causes and management called “Migraine, itching, stomach pain… This is how DAO deficiency affects you”. It is signed by the journalist specialized in health Eva Mimbrero and has the advice of the allergist Dr. Pedro Ojeda, co-director of the clinic Ojeda...

Scientific and clinical evidence in DAO deficiency

Massive release of the histamine‐degrading enzyme diamine oxidase during severe anaphylaxis in mastocytosis patients

Download pdf Thomas Boehm, 1 Birgit Reiter, 2 Robin Ristl, 3 Karin Petroczi, 1 Wolfgang Sperr, 4 Thomas Stimpfl, 2 Peter Valent, 4 and Bernd Jilma 1 Allergy. 2019 Mar; 74(3): 583–593. Published online 2019 Jan 1. doi: 10.1111/all.13663     PMCID: PMC6590243    PMID: 30418682...


Activities and events

26/03/2014 – European meeting of Pharmacy INFARMA 2014

Conference to be held on Wednesday 26 March at 16.30 h, “We are faced with a new syndrome? Digestive and neurological manifestations of the Deficit of DAO (Diaminooxidasa)” Act which will take place in IFEMA Madrid and will be in charge of Dr. Ramón tormo Carnice, Specialist in Gastroenterology and Head of the unit of Gastroenterology and Nutrition...
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DR HEALTHCARE ESPAÑA, S.L. (Barcelona, Spain)