DR Healthcare creates strategic, solid, and successful alliances with other companies and research institutions. All this in order to develop knowledge and promote innovation and licensing of products for the dietary management and diagnosis of DAO Deficiency, and its associated pathologies.

Manufacture for third parties

DR HEALTHCARE stands out as a leading company in the production of DAO, which allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to third parties, not only for human dietary supplements but also for use in the veterinary and food industry.

We provide pharmaceutical and food companies looking for a reliable supplier with the highest levels of quality, regulatory support and production of Diamine Oxidase, manufactured in our enzyme production plant located in Tarragona (Spain).

The production of this ADI (Active Dietary Ingredient) is vertically integrated so that it can control the intermediates of its manufacturing.

Leader in DAO enzyme (DiAmino Oxidase).

As a leader in DAO technology, we market two variants of DAO active ingredient under the trade name adiDAO®.

Thanks to our ongoing research into enzyme extraction and purification, our DAO active ingredient is more efficient and has higher enzymatic activity and stability than our competitors’ DAO extracts.

Hence, we are pioneers in the knowledge of Diamine Oxidase, backed by 15 years of research and development. We have a specific enzyme production plant that complies with GMP’s for the exclusive production of the active ingredient DAO of animal and vegetable origin, with physically separate production units.

These two active ingredients are suitable for the formulation of food supplements, foods for special medical use and medicines. AlsoAlso, for incorporation into different solid or liquid food matrices. All indicated for the dietary management of DAO Deficiency and its associated symptoms.

Tailor-made solutions

Our solutions based on Diamine Oxidase are adapted to the new food control regulations, which stipulate the control of histamine levels in order to avoid the risk of intoxication due to the consumption of high amounts of this biogenic amine present in food.

Food industry sector

The FAO and WHO and countries around the world have implemented regulations that include the analysis of foods that may contain high levels of histamine and measures to prevent its production through proper storage, processing and distribution.

Veterinary and animal health sector

Veterinary solutions based on Diamine Oxidase for the dietary management of histaminosis and DAO Deficiency in pets, livestock and aquaculture. Their health is everyone’s health, hence it is vital to control the pathophysiological effects that trigger elevated histamine levels.


Licensing Out.

DR Healthcare is seeking to establish strategic alliances with relevant in order to facilitate access to our dietary management and diagnostic solutions for the DAO Deficiency patient population.

We supply the finished product ready to be marketed in each territory, complying with the regulatory framework of each market, and guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

We have more than 12 years experience in implementing win-win agreements in the
biomedical field, sharing experience with our partners and offering them support to ensure success.

Licensing In.

We identify and assess licensing opportunities in the field of pathologies associated with DAO Deficiency, irrelevant to their stage of development.

Leading industrial property

Our more than 100 patents guarantee our customers the necessary protection in the marketing of final products containing DAO enzyme, giving them unique legal protection that no other supplier or competitor can offer.

    • DR Healthcare is a world leader in DAO technology with more than 100 patents worldwide.
    • DR Healthcare’s DAO Industrial Property covers the treatment of DAO Deficiency and its associated pathologies with DAO enzyme.
    • DR Healthcare’s Industrial Property protects the exclusive use of the DAO enzyme in a wide number of diseases and its galenic formulation worldwide.

Regulatory framework in the EU

adiDAO® is a “Novel Food” authorized for use in Food for Special Medical Purposes and in food supplements.
adiDAO® Veg is a plant ingredient approved for use in food supplements.

DAO Diagnostic Laboratories

The DAO® ANALYTICS is an in vitro diagnostic test to measure the level of DAO (Diamine Oxidase) enzyme activity in plasma.

Their results determine a reduced DAO enzyme activity when the values of HDU/ml (Histamine Degraded Units/millilitre of blood) are between 80-40 HDU/ml, or very reduced when they are lower than 40 HDU/ml.

Partnership Proposal

DR Healthcare seeks to establish strategic alliances with relevant partners with the aim of facilitating access to our dietary management and diagnostic solutions for the DAO Deficiency patient population.

In this way, DR Healthcare and its partners join forces to continue generating innovation and thus contribute to improving the quality of life of people suffering from this metabolic syndrome.