The Leader in DAO enzyme (DiAmine Oxidase)

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Diamine oxidase or DAO is an enzyme naturally present in the gut and whose main function is to metabolize the histamine we ingest when we eat.
DAO Deficiency occurs when this enzyme is less active, thus reducing histamine metabolization and allowing histamine to be absorbed through the intestinal epithelium and accumulate in the blood. This, in turn, triggers different severe symptoms which are pharmacologically hard to treat.

15% of people have DAO deficiency.

It is estimated that nearly 15 percent of the population suffers from DAO Deficiency, most of whom are unaware of its existence.

DR Healthcare helps you become you again.

DR Healthcare is a worldwide leader in the dietary control of DAO Deficiency. With more than 15 years spent on R&D and 100+ patents regarding the use and application of DAO, our biologically produced enzyme substantially improves the quality of life in DAO Deficiency sufferers.
Among the most common symptoms of DAO Deficiency are migraine, fibromyalgia, atopic skin, digestive problems and ADHD in children and adults.

The active dietary ingredient, Diamine Oxidase or DAO, is sold to pharmaceutical and food companies.

As leaders in DAO technology, we market two variants of the DAO active ingredient under the trade name of adiDAO®.
These two active ingredients are suitable for the formulation of food supplements, foods for special medical use and medicines, or for the addition to solid or liquid food matrices, and are aimed at treating DAO Deficiency and its associated symptoms.

AdiDAO® is an animal-based origin DAO enzym

AdiDAO® Veg is a plant-based origin DAO enzyme

Thanks to ceaseless research in the extraction and purification of the enzyme, our active ingredient DAO is more efficient and has greater enzymatic activity and stability than competitive DAO extracts.
Therefore, we are pioneers in understanding Diamine Oxidase and are backed by 15+ years of research and development. We have a specific GMP-compliant enzymatic facility for the exclusive production of the active ingredient of animal- and plant- origin DAO, with physically separated production units.

Patent leaders

Our 100+ patents guarantee that customers receive the necessary protection in the commercialization of end products containing the DAO enzyme, granting them a unique legal protection no other supplier can offer.

DR Healthcare is world leader in DAO technology with more than 100 Industrial Property patents worldwide.

DR Healthcare's DAO Industrial Property covers the treatment of DAO Deficiency and its DAO enzyme associated pathologies.

DR Healthcare's Industrial Property protects the exclusive use of the DAO enzyme in a wide number of diseases and its galenic formulation worldwide.

E.U. regulatory framework

adiDAO® is an authorized “​novel food” for use in Food supplements and Foods for ​special medical purposes in EU.
adiDAO® Veg is a plant-based ingredient authorized for use in food supplements.