Dietary active ingredient DAO enzyme

DR Healthcare holds more than 100 patents covering the use and application of DAO. Our biologically produced enzyme significantly improves the quality of life for people with the disease.

Manufacture for third parties

As a leader in DAO technology, we market two variants of the DAO active ingredient to pharmaceutical and food companies under the trade names adiDAO® and adiDAO® Veg.

These two active ingredients are suitable for the formulation of food supplements, foods for special medical use and medicines, or for the addition to solid or liquid food matrices, and are aimed at treating DAO Deficiency and its associated symptoms.

Thanks to ceaseless research in the extraction and purification of the enzyme, our active ingredient DAO is more efficient and has greater enzymatic activity and stability than competitive DAO extracts.

Therefore, we are pioneers in understanding Diamine Oxidase and are backed by 15+ years of research and development. We have a specific GMP-compliant enzymatic facility for the exclusive production of the active ingredient of animal- and plant- origin DAO, with physically separated production units.

Partnership Proposal

DR Healthcare seeks to establish strategic alliances with relevant partners with the aim of facilitating access to our dietary management and diagnostic solutions for the DAO Deficiency patient population.

In this way, DR Healthcare and its partners join forces to continue generating innovation and thus contribute to improving the quality of life of people suffering from this metabolic syndrome.