DAO and neurological symptoms

Clinical trials and clinical studies

Evaluation of Diamine Oxidase deficiency in patients with migraine

Migraine is a complex, recurrent and disabling disease, but its etiopathogeny remains unknown, so it is necessary to find new approaches to the biochemical mediators of the disease. Histamine, one of the most important mediators, is mainly metabolized by DAO (Diamine Oxidase enzyme). Therefore, it is believed that a decrease in DAO activity may cause histamine excess, increasing the risk of suffering from clinical pictures such as migraine, among others.

Migraine, a food-borne syndrome caused by DAO deficiency

Migraine affects 12-17% of the adult population in western countries, without much variation in other countries, more than 1 in 10 people. According to the latest PALM study from 2006 (Action Plan to Fight Migraine) published in Cephalalgia, a journal of the International Headache Society, over 3.5 million people in Spain have this condition.