The International Society of DAO Deficiency debuts new website: get profit from its news

Greetings to all of you who follow us in social networks,

The International Society of DAO Deficiency debuts new website and we are delighted that you form part of its members. If you aren`t jet members you can send your request through the next link and enjoy of great benefits.

But before we would like to show you all the news…

¡New Social Network!

Now our membership directory (only accessible for registered users) is a great social network: you can publish content in your wall, make comments in the rest of accounts, send private messages to other members, make your professional profile… all the tools for networking and lead to the development of new projects.

¡News in Communication!

because our mission is to keep you informed 

Scientific Actuality

the International Society of DAO Deficiency estrena nueva web Actualidad Científica

An updated list of scientific publications, congresses, conferences, thesis, studies and clinical trials on DAO Deficiency and its symptoms.

Accessing your account you will be able to dispose all of these contents and obtain support to fund your research and attendance at congresses.

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the International Society of DAO Deficiency estrena nueva web I+D+i

List of innovation projects developed and in progress.

Know the entities involved and access the directory of companies, research centers, universities, institutes and associations of patients who collaborate with us.

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Events and activities

the International Society of DAO Deficiency estrena nueva web Eventos y actividades

Events and activities directory (congresses, conferences and courses) in which you can be informed of the next dates, locations and topics.

Accessing your acount also yo could obtain passes and discounts.

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Press Room and Blog

the International Society of DAO Deficiency estrena nueva web Sala de prensa y Blog

Articles, interviews, press releases and audiovisual materials published in the media.

Through our Blog we release own disclosure articles and media in networks, all about DAO Deficiency and its symptoms.

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Access your Account

To access your member account you have to introduce your username and password througth this link.

If you are new, register now and enjoy the advantages of being a member of the Society through this link, in which you will be able to select your member area.

You can also register your company, Research center, university, institute or association of patients via the next link.

¡We are Science! ¡We are communication!

The Team and the Community of the International Society of DAO Deficiency is waiting for you.

Join and form part of the advancement in the treatment and prevention of this metabolic disorder for which so many population is affected.