Leading DAO technology

Our technological processes for extracting and purifying the DAO enzyme provide higher enzyme activity than those offered by other competitors.

R&D and Innovation

Constant innovation allows for the development of new functional foods, active ingredients, diagnostic tests, and tailor-made solutions.

Innovation and licensing

We hold more than 80 patents and international marketing licenses. As part of its activities, DR Healthcare is ready to establish strategic alliances with other companies and research and development institutions.



DAO Deficiency awareness campaign. A story in which four brothers discover that the different symptoms that affect them: migraine, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, atopic skin and ADHD (in one of their children), can have a common genetic origin.

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About DR Healthcare

We are a biomedical company dedicated to the research, development, innovation, manufacturing, commercialization and registration of new nutraceuticals, functional foods, active ingredient and various bespoke solutions. Our greatest value is research and we strongly believe in the “Enterprise-University” alliance, developing our activities in two centers for R&D and Innovation. DR Healthcare is a business unit of AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health.

International Congress of DAO Deficiency

The last edition, held on November 17, 2022, closed with record attendance, consolidating knowledge on the metabolic disorder, DAO deficiency.

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More than 1200 delegates, including doctors, pharmacists, scientists and academics as well as professionals from the pharmaceutical and food industry took part.

More than 1000 delegates connected live from 48 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia.

19 conferences with international experts that addressed DAO Deficit, from its root causes, its different clinical manifestations, and its dietary treatment, to the regulatory framework for the therapeutic use of the innovative enzyme Diamine Oxidase.

What is DAO Deficiency?

DAO Deficiency is a syndrome that occurs when the small intestine does not contain enough DAO enzyme, or when it does not have enough functional activity. In such cases, histamine ingested as part of one’s diet is not sufficiently metabolized or degraded and is absorbed through the intestinal epithelium, passing into the bloodstream and accumulating in blood.

When histamine of food origin accumulates in blood, it alters many of the physiological functions, causing various adverse effects.

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Most common symptoms of
DAO Deficiency

It is estimated that DAO Deficiency affects 15% of the global population. That’s equal to one in six people, and most don’t know they’re suffering from it.

Migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are the most prevalent symptoms in the population, caused by DAO Deficiency.

DR Healthcare

Available in a large network of pharmacies and speciality shops. You can also purchase them on various online stores and through the official DR Healthcare page on Amazon.

Global Partnerships and Alliances

DR Healthcare, leader in the production of the active ingredient Diamine Oxidase, the enzyme DAO, offers customized solutions for use and application in medical nutrition, and in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

DAO for use in humans

Current international regulations around levels of histamine in food demonstrate the necessity and utility of the application of the enzyme DAO in the food industry and in supplements.

DAO for use in animals

Developing veterinary solutions based on Diamine Oxidase for the dietary management of excess histamine and DAO deficiency in domestic animals, livestock and aquaculture.

News on
DAO Deficiency

DR Healthcare’s most outstanding value is research, with the aim of providing society with innovative functional foods that contribute to improving the quality of life of people suffering from DAO Deficiency and its associated pathologies.