The biomedical company DR Healthcare installs a research center and production plant on the Campus of Rovira i Virgili University – Indicador d’Economia

The center will dedicate 75% of the activity in research and a 25% in the production of the enzyme DiAmine Oxidase (DAO) as an ingredient in functional foods

DR Healthcare has invested 500,000 euros in this new center for research and in the production plant, both located in the Sescelades Campus of the URV (Tarragona, Spain). This biomedical company manufactured in Tarragona the enzyme that is the essential ingredient of its innovative product indicated for the dietary treatment of migraine.“The URV is a dynamic university and in Tarragona we hope to generate many synergies with different research groups located in the same campus” explains Juanjo Duelo, founder and CEO of DR Healthcare.

DR Healthcare was founded 12 years ago as a emergent company (start up) of the Universitat de Barcelona to investigate the relationship between diet and migraine. In 2010 published one of the first studies, which demonstrated the relationship between the DAO deficiency and the triggering of migraine. In these years the company, with headquarters in Barcelona, has focused the activity to generate scientific and clinical evidence about the deficit of diaminooxidase, the key enzyme in the metabolism of histamine. This deficiency leads to a series of associated disorders that, in addition to migraine, include fibromyalgia, dermatological problems, rhinitis, irritable bowel syndrome or Attention Deficiency- Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

infographic DAO deficiency and associated symptoms, diamine oxidase, histamine intolerance, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, atopic skin, dry skin, dermatitis, migraines, vascular headaches, muscle-skeletal pain, Irritable bowel syndrome, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder

The dietary product of DR Healthcare for the treatment of migraine obtained last year the official certificate of the European Union that categorizes it as “new food with therapeutic objective.” This new recognition should definitely boost the marketing of the DAO enzyme as “food for special medical purposes,” according to Duelo, beyond the 500 pharmacies in within the Spanish state that they have participated in a pilot test.

The goal of the new plant of DR Healthcare

The company has generated more than 80 patents and the aim of the Tarragona plant is to continue with the production of DAO of animal origin for marketing, in addition to do research to lead to other modalities of this enzyme, such as that of plant and biotechnology origin. “We are the only company specialized in DAO deficiency and in the treatment of its associated symptoms, and we want that the plant of Tarragona to become a center of reference from where we will promote various research projects in collaboration with other departments of the University,” explains Juanjo Duelo, founder and director of the company.The plant has been installed in the building N5 of the Sescelades Campus and will be managed by Jaume Bori, holds a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology by the URV and PHD in Environmental Engineering. His figure will depend on the scientific department of the company, and will be devoted to seek synergies in the environment of the URV and launch projects with different areas of the University.The incorporation of this new company in the campus is in the line of the University, who wants to promote the relationship with the company and to promote the transfer of knowledge for the benefit of society.

The plant is managed by Jaume Bori, graduated in Biochemistry and Biotecnology by URV.

Other arguments in favor of this location, according to Duelo is that “we are looking for partners to be able to expand all over the world. If we have to use the airport of Tarragona or the Prat, we will obtain the same as if we are in Barcelona.”

Objective of the URV: The attraction of companies of high technological value

The attraction of companies of high technological value is a strategic objective for the URV, who currently maintains advanced negotiations with another company in the health sector. “This type of companies are very interesting because with their level of specialization cause interaction, mutual learning and generate new opportunities and projects. Contribute to raise the bar of the research that we do in the university,” explains Lourdes Jane, director of the Center for Transfer of Technology of the Foundation URV.

Data of interest

The Technology Transfer Center of the Foundation URV managed 318 collaboration contracts with companies and institutions the year 2018. Transfer contracts allow to create applicable solutions, and from the research results that are generated in the university. Of the 190 clients with whom collaborated the URV last year, 85 are private companies. The rest are public entities, associations, foundations and cooperatives. The sum of the value of contracts was supposed to the university 5.6 million euros of income.

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